Nail Art: Water Marbling Attempt

(Secretly, I wished I was the one who invented this water marbling technique. Then I would be so damn good at it. Except the fact that it is so not true. And I suck at it.)

If you’re wondering what is water marbling, trust me it’s not a fancy term I coined up for one of my nail art attempts.  It would be easier for you to watch the videos, rather than reading about it.

Valentine's Water Marble IMG_1788

It’s so awesome, right? It kind like made me want to do it after watching the video and seeing the water marbling effect on the nails. All I needed was a couple of nail polishes, water and a paper cup. I had them all at home. So, so that means I could like try it out, which I did.


This is what it turns out to be. I know it doesn’t look much like a failure but trust me, it is. It didn’t spread out as much as it did in the video. And when this happens, I thought I’d better not try to make patterns with it. Instead I just dipped my finger into it.


And this was the outcome from it. See the index finger, I know the water marbling effect is not that obvious, but mostly because the nail polish didn’t spread it out. Sometimes, the nail polish just formed a drop and sinks to the bottom of it. I took about a few hours trying to perfect this technique but somehow that one was the best I could. Others were just failures.

Apparently, the problem lies in the nail polishes I used, which was Faceshop’s White and Elianto’s Thistle. The nail polish used must be those that doesn’t dry up fast. Funny thing, cause I would usually want a fast drying nail polish! So, I guess, I would have find some Sally Hansen polishes now. Where to get them? :(

My deepest, darkest secret is a good laugh.

I feel miserable today; I really do. Mood swings at its peak now. :( So, I thought of posting these few pictures. Made me laugh. A little, at least.


My artworks from Lower Secondary. Gosh, they look so fugly!


My deepest, darkest secret is out! I so suck in Art! HAHAHA.


And these, of course are the best of the lot. Got myself an A for it. I know, it’s nothing compared to any artists work. But hey, at least I don’t suck that bad. I’m much better off with my photography skills now anyway. :)

Have a good day, y’all!

A Slide Down the Tallest Indoor Tube Slide!

Did you know that there was 5-storey high slide inside Empire Shopping Gallery? Well, I did hear something about a looooooong slide there but I can’t imagine how that was possible anyway. Until of course, when I got invited to a Social Media Gathering at LeX, 2nd floor of Empire Shopping Gallery.
It was a rather small gathering of bloggers, say around 20 plus of us all together. This gathering was basically organized by LeX (Lifestyle Electronics eXperiential Centre) in conjunction with their movie partnership with Disney’s Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale.
IMG_4502 Meet the emcee, Aunty Wong, she claimed to be legendary. You can see why in this picture right?
IMG_4495 We got to test their Game Pod stations, where they have a Sony PS 3 game in it and you get to play with it.
IMG_4516 This is the entrance to the world tallest indoor tube slide!
page1 Looks a bit scary already, no? When I first saw it, I was ‘what the heck’! Damn. I want to sit that slide!
At 50 metres long, 5 storeys high, the slide ride took only 10 seconds! Honestly, it wasn’t that scary at all. Obviously, you’re not going to slide down at the speed of a roller coaster. It was fast, but I would prefer it to be faster! Still, it was a different but nice experience. You guys should totally try it!
IMG_4519 It’s RM 12, per ride. Tad pricy for just a slide down but it is only because the cost of bringing the slide in and installing was a whooping RM 3 million!
Anyway, there was a few competitions on that day too; the LeX slide challenge and the Longest ‘Rapunzel’ Hair Challenge. We had to form a team of 5 for the slide challenge and we were each required to slide down twice in the fastest time. My team (Team Utopia) consists of myself, Cheok, Randy, Janise and Naomi. We were all petite sized except for Cheok and unbelievably, we won! We completed it in 4 minutes 18 seconds!
IMG_4512 We each won RM 100 but it wasn’t easy climbing up 5 storeys twice! I almost died on the way up.
Oh, you guys want to hear an all time EPIC FAILED story? Remember I mentioned that there was another competition about the longest Rapunzel hair challenge? The mechanics of this game is that the person with the longest real or fake hair will win an iPod Shuffle. I arrived there early and was told that even ‘rafia’ strings would be enough. So I went on to buy two extremely long rolls of those strings. But guess what, I didn’t win it in the end because I didn’t went in front within 10 seconds. =.= Major epic failed!
IMG_4521 But I still got two tickets to watch Rapunzel for my effort! Whoopie! Hmm. But I already got tickets to watch the premiere of the movie on November 24.
IMG_4515 Camwhore shot with Janise. She is so sweet!
Group shot with no one looking at my Cammy. :( Everyone else was too busy looking at those huge DSLRs.
* * * * * * *
Oh, before I end this post, I’ve got some random shots to show you.
Creme Brule flavoured coffee. Too sweet!
IMG_4525 Devil-ed iPhone! I want!
* * * * * * *
That’s all for now, folks. Got to study for my finals and mock!

DIY Nail Art with a Toothpick


I have always been fascinated with nail polish, so what more if it is nail art. So far, the nail art I have designed are pretty simple and common ones. In fact, what I did this time is also somewhat common. Try going to and searching for nail art using toothpick, thousand of videos will pop out! Here is a picture of my first attempt of nail art with a toothpick. I liked how neat the index and the third finger was but the ring and pinky finger is like messy!. Guess I have to work on it. Haha, no worries about that. I’ll be sure to post more pictures when I attempt more nail arts.

Everything! All in the name of good food.

I’d do (almost) anything, everything in this world just to get myself a bite of good, heavenly food. If you don’t believe that such food exists, shame on you. :) If you don’t think I’d do anything just to get a taste of delicious bite, you have to read on to believe me.

For Pandan Leaf Chicken…

In the afternoon, I saw my mommy grinding a dark green, freakish paste. She said she was marinating chicken for dinner. It looked like “EWW” but surprisingly smelt good.

IMG_4467This was the mixture of the paste and chicken. She must have marinated it for about 5 hours. I’m surprised that the raw chicken didn’t turn green. [Guess that means that chicken rocks! I love meat.]

IMG_4472 So, I being the good girl I always am (*inserts toothy grin*), I actually offered to help my mum out with preparing dinner today. And my job was pretty simple, wrap the raw, marinated chicken with pandan leaves.

IMG_4476 Ta-da! This was the end product of my pandan-leave-wrapping-chicken-ish stuff. Looks damn easy, no? Trust me, it is not! It took me an hour to wrap it all up and my hands burned after that because my sensitive skin can’t stand the amount of spices my mom put into marinating the chicken!

IMG_4482 A close-up picture on a pandan leaf chicken. I actually wrapped the chicken like I was folding stars. You know those stars origami we used to like to make?

IMG_4488Looks good, taste so heavenly. The chicken was very well marinated (what do you expect after 5 hours being marinated!). It’s crispy and fried to perfection! My mom is an amazing cook; when she taste them, she went like “How in the world did I manage to make this chicken!”

And oh, she make the meanest grilled chicken. Beats any restaurant that sell grilled chicken for a bomb and claims that they are the best!


Klang’s Best Kept Secret?

Klang is obviously synonymous to none other than its famed Bak Kut Teh. So, when my dad said that there actually other good food in Klang, I was obviously skeptical about it. Even more skeptical I was, when dad brought us to a almost empty coffee shop. All that was in sight was a ‘pau steamer’ and a dozen empty tables.


=.= I actually had this expression on. I mean we’re eating ‘paus’?! I hate them! They are like tasteless carbohydrates! And all this changed, of course after I tasted the paus here.


This is the Sambal Chicken Pau. It is so damn good. There is huge chunks of chicken meat in this, they are very generous with their fillings. The sambal itself wasn’t too spicy, it’s more towards the Chinese style version.


And this is Sang Yuk Pau. I’m sorry for the blurry picture, I was too hungry to get nice shots. :D Anyway, can you see the yam popping out of the pau? The paus obviously comes with generous fillings! So value for money.

IMG_4424  This is their best seller, Curry Tai Pau. I was so surprised to find out that there was small silver bowl inside filled with curry chicken. This explains why it costed more the the usual ‘tai pau’ around KL. And can I just add that the curry chicken is better than anywhere I have eaten? It’s so rich in taste and really, just the smell of it can make you salivate.

IMG_4385 Their ‘tong sui’ is also quite good. Although it is called ‘tong shui’, it is not actually very sweet. Suitable for health conscious freaks like yours truly. This is the red bean one and there is more than just red bean in it. There is yam and longan. You get more than what you expected!

This place is really full of surprises despite its nondescript, typical, classic coffee shop look. Well, the cliché; don’t judge a book by its cover never really applies in real life anyway. So, where is it exactly? Details are as follow.

Klang Food Centre
10, Jln Batai Laut 5,
Tmn Intan, Klang,
Selangor, Malaysia
Telephone : 603-3342 8122

And oh, I managed to grab some shots of the pricing menu. Enjoy!

Copy of IMG_4398


My one month old nephew.

IMG_4422 The traditional Chinese red dyed chicken egg that is given during the Full Moon celebration.


Hey world, meet Brandon! And as the title suggests, he is my nephew which obviously means that I’m an Aunty now. God, that sounds so old. But he has yet to be able to speak so I guess I won’t have him calling me “Ah Yee”. LOL.

IMG_4413 Hehe, I find Brandon really cute and obviously very fragile. He is just one month old and his hands are so so tiny!

page1This boy over here used to be super cute, but now he is nothing but annoying…….Fine, I’ll admit that he is not only that. In fact, he is actually quite sweet at times. And mostly silly and annoying at all other times.

Seeing Brandon (and watching my brother grow up from a cute baby to a boy) makes me wonder how I looked like when I was still a baby and how I was like back then. So, I actually went to the cupboard and took out my huge baby album.

IMG_4450 Oh, yes. That was me. When I was close to one years old. I think I was doing something with my eye. [O.O]

IMG_4449Haha, this kid looks so adorable! Unfortunately, this is also myself when I was about a years old.

God, I missed being a kid. Life was so much easier, then. But it isn’t so bad now. It’s tough, but I know I’ll get through it.

Platinum Pearl + Rainbow Fun Nail Swatches

IMG_43813 weeks. For approximately 3 weeks, I stayed loyal to the same nail polish (the candy themed one) which I last blogged about here. And I did have some breakages in my nails which is why this time I have decided to go easy on my nails. I have also trimmed my nails short. As seen from the picture, I used Elianto’s Platinum Pearl. But I only applied it on the tip of my nails. It is super easy to do. But somehow, I’m not too happy with the end product. Seems a bit bland for me as compared to my usual striking polishes. Something like the next picture, huh?

IMG_4078 I have always loved the rainbow color. There was even a period of time when I liked others to call me the Rainbow Queen. :) Oh, well. Those were the those days! I’m glad I don’t have that much of a rainbow fetish anymore. But I still, deep in my heart, really love the rainbow color. My mom didn’t really like it but I reasoned with her. “If you were feeling down and all of a sudden, you saw a girl’s toe nails in rainbow color, would you not smile?” So, if you’re interested in painting your nails rainbow you can get them from Etude for red, yellow and green. As for the blue, it’s from Faceshop and purple from Elianto.

Both the swatches are pretty easy to do. So, have fun!


To Write Love On Her Arms Day


IMG_4375 Looks like tattooed right? I just used Sharpie (my best friend) and a red permanent marker.

“ To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. To Write Love On Her Arms Day is a day where anyone can write the words love on their arms, to support those who are fighting against depression and those who are trying to recovering. On this day, just write love on your arms, and show it off, other people will ask why you have love written on your arms, and you tell them you are supporting to write love on her arms day, and how its benefiting a non profit organization helping stop depression, and make love the movement. ” - To Write Love On Her Arms, Facebook Page

The Best Nights of This Month.


Thanks to Wei Yuen and Pat from ICAEW Malaysia for the invites to these exclusive events. I honestly had no idea how awesome these events was until I was there. I got to help out a little on both days.

* * * * * * * *

Cocktail Reception – Nov 9

IMG_4230Quite the excited me, I laid down the accessories I was planning to wear early in the morning. Honestly, I think accessories is the key to work that outfit.

1With a view like this, it is kind of obvious where the event was held. It was none other than The Petroleum Club on the 42nd floor of KLCC.

IMG_4240 Three macho guys? Nah. I so so prefer guys that smile. The huge teeth-y smile, yo.

IMG_4251We managed to take a picture with Lim Kit Wan. The lady who can do it all, no joke. :)

page I was trying to imitate the Economia in the picture on your left. But turns out, it doesn’t even look the same. On the right side, it’s me and Cheok.

IMG_4269This is definitely one picture for the album because Dato’ Johan Raslan is in this picture! Who is he? He is the Partner and Executive Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the firm that I am going to intern at from January till March. It is definitely a great pleasure to meet him in person. A very friendly and humble guy. After the party, I kind of regretted not taking a personal picture with him. Gah.

But the cocktail party was like a sneak peek of how the corporate world does their networking session. I was assigned to follow the photographer (which was very super enthusiastic about his job) to take down the names of the important people he photographed. Sounds like an impossible job at first, but it wasn’t so bad after all. I managed to meet the President (Mr. Gerald Russell) and CEO of ICAEW (Mr. Micheal Izza) while doing my task.

I definitely look forward to attending more of these kinds of events in future!

IMG_4285If you can see clearly, my hair is a bit curly after the party because of my hair do. It left my hair oh-so-dry, it should be the hair spray’s fault. Damn.

* * * * * * * *

Annual Dinner – Nov 11

IMG_4309 Haha, we couldn’t miss the chance to snap a picture with the emcee of the day  (Miss Kit) along with the back drop for the dinner.

IMG_4313 Meet my table mates for Table 31! Jo, Cheok and Reuben. We had fun talking a lot of shits.

IMG_4322I met Miss Pushpa, my Law lecturer when I was walking around the ballroom. A huge thanks to her, because I scored 88 in my Law finals. Fantastic lecturer!

IMG_4312 That oh-so-lost face. This was candid, I wanted to snap a picture of the ballroom but decided that shot is so damn boring. So, I saw Cheok in front of me and I called out his name. ‘Snap, click.. ta-da!’

IMG_4342 One of the nice full-body shot taken, but I realised how grainy this picture looks. Cammy must have burst the ISO.

IMG_4336 The CEO’s seat! Hahaa, I am such a stalker. I was peering and looking through the name cards on the main VIP table and I thought I’ll try to snap a picture. I like this picture, think the lighting is just perfect.

IMG_4350 A picture with Mr. Ong and the CFAB students. He was sort of the star of the night because one of his students, Mr. An Li Foong won the First Prize and the Watts Prize for the subject ‘Audit & Assurance’; the subject Mr. Ong taught. He brought his wife along, she is pretty and tall.

IMG_4316 Group picture! The whole lot of CFAB students at the event.

IMG_4317The picture with silly expressions. Hahaa.

And guess who I managed to take a picture with?

IMG_4329 Dato’ Johan Raslan! :) Wish came trueeeee. And I look so overly happy, smiled too huge until can see my gums already. LOL, right?

IMG_4367The souvenirs for the dinner. The CFAB-ers were the ones distributing it to the guests that night. We rock. :D

So, that is all the pictures I have. The dinner was so-so. Some of the food was good, others were just merely edible. Performance was noisy, they had dikir barat in English. And no offence but it sounds tacky. It sounded as though, they flipped open an accounting book and plucked out the words.

Note: I did the make up myself for the first time ever. How was it? How much do you rate?

* * * * * * * *

CEO Visit  to Sunway – Nov 11

Earlier in the day, the CEO, Mr Micheal Izza actually visited the Sunway University College. And I was the emcee for the visit. Only got the script a day before the event so I didn’t bother memorising it. I was honestly kind of nervous about it. I imagined myself screwing it up and I did, though it was forgivable mistakes. But I got to learn from it, so it is a good experience. Plus, Wei Yuen later told me that the CEO thought I spoke with confidence! Thanked God the nervousness didn’t show through my voice. Oh, I didn’t really like my outfit either. The Batik top was okay, the knee-length skirt (albeit it being from Sub; my favorite shop) I don’t really like it cause it’s too long! It makes me look short even with heels. :(

75745_462188088534_522943534_5607879_1136984_n(Photo grabbed from Vanessa from Facebook) 

IMG_4292 Couldn’t resist taking a picture with the CEO. Hey, it’s not like he comes down everyday right? I changed to my dinner outfit immediately after I emceed. Again, he thanked me for hosting the visit. Well, those were his words. They are all so courteous. Even the Head of Operations and Director Learning and Professional Development, Mr. Mark Protherough approached me and said well done for the emceeing. And Mr. Irwin Menezes, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers too!

* * * * * * * *

this was such an awesome week. i wished my weeks were all like that. xoxo.