Eat : Chinese New Year Cookies with SCS Butter!

Chances are you may have heard me say this before, ‘'I’m actually allergic to the kitchen.” This basically translates to, I can’t cook and even if I do, I might bring the kitchen down or turn it upside down. A couple of weeks earlier was the Chinese New Year and I had the opportunity to try an assortment of artisanal cookies baked with SCS butter.

Eat: Italiannies’s New Menu at The Gardens Outlet

I remember years ago, I was craving for a hearty Italian meal and my foodie friend brought me to Italiannies. That was my first visit there and true to my friend's suggestion, it was indeed a restaurant which served comfort, hearty meals that is sure to satisfy any cravings for Italian food. It is as authentic as it can be as the head chef of Italiannies, is from Italy itself. And recently Italiannies have introduced a new menu, making its debut at their Gardens Mall outlet. The new menu is not only designed to provide high quality delicious Italian food, but to also proudly root the Italian tradition in all its dishes. Our night of feasting begins with the Classic Caesar, which is an Italian-style of caesar salad with toasted foccacia bread. As for the antipasto, we had both the Spinach & Artichoke Formaggio and Bruschetta.

Classic Caesar | RM 26.70 Regular