Out & About: New Additions to ASICS FlyteFoam Fast Series

By bringing the awesome FlyteFoam experience to runners who want to be faster, ASICS launches the FlyteFoam Fast Series with three new additions: NOOSA FF, GEL-DS TRAINER 22 and a colour-updated DynaFlyte.

EAT : Introducing Caffe Benne’s Mangotella series

For a limited time only,  Caffe Bene Malaysia’s latest seasonal menu will definitely bring excitement to the lovers of Nutella chocolate and the mango fruits! This time around the seasonal menu explores the possibility of marrying these two flavours with a series called the Mangotella. There are a total of four different seasonal items introduced, where we welcomed two new gelato flavours as well – Yogurt Gelato and Nutella Gelato!

Out & About : Elements Medical Fitness Centre at Gtower, KL

Prior to this, if you asked me what functional medicine was, I would know nuts about it. This was term which was very new, almost alien to me too because I have never of it before. But I have heard of the quote, “Prevention is better than cure.” It simply means that it is better to stop something bad from happening than it is to deal with it after it has happened. With this very concept in mind, comes Elements Medical Fitness, which is strategically located at GTower Kuala Lumpur, with a life changing healthcare solution.

EAT : El Gusto de Espana – Featuring The Finest Ibérico at The BAR°N

If you’ve never heard of Ibérico before, then it would just be a new word that you’ve come acrossed today. Let me change that for you, by giving you a meaning to put to the word – Ibérico.  For me, Ibérico is more than just a fancy  Spanish word. What wagyu  beef is to the beef lovers…. Ibérico is that to the porky lovers. It is the holy grail  of the meats,  and this is something that I came to realise after trying a few different cuts of the Ibérico de Belotta pork.

Out & About : Launch of Global Milbon’s Creative Style hair styling series

Have you ever came across the hair care brand known as Milbon which is actually Japan no.1 professional haircare brand? I haven’t either until I was introduced to the Jemile Fran product range, last year around June 2016. That was my first encounter of the brand and I was really impressed with those products that I have tested then. About a couple months later, Global Milbon launched their new Signature Line which has three collections known as Smooth, Moisture and Repair. Each of these collections have products which helps to restore the health of your hair, offering solutions to enhance the appearance and manageability of the hair.