Out & About: FABSPY.com & FSGirls’s Christmas Party

About a couple of weeks ago, I posted on my Instagram, a picture of myself wearing FABSPY’s Rosette Cut Out Shoulder Dress. If you don’t recall or you haven’t seen it yet (because you have yet to follow me on Instagram, do so now!), here’s a picture of myself in the lovely lacey dress paired with my DIY roses flower crown. 

Isn’t it gorgeous? I have always loved lace and those dresses with cut out details, so this is really perfection found in a a dress. *grins* The cut out design gives it such a feminine feel and once you put this dress on, you’ll feel like dancing and prancing around happily. Sometimes, it makes me feel like a fairy too. Haha. 

I love how the lace used is a different type that the usual ones used for dresses these days. This one is of a slightly thicker lace material, so it is less prone to accidents (tearing, hooked by sharp objects and etc). 

The dress came in as a surprise from the FABSPY team; they dropped me an email and ta-da, a gorgeous package awaits me! If you know me, nothing makes me happier than getting clothes in parcels, which explains why I absolutely love shopping online. It’s like buying myself gifts, gifts I know I would love and the best part is I get to unwrap it as well. :)

This little surprise is part of the #FSGirls movement (I like to think of it that way) which FABSPY came up with for all the stylish fashionista out there. To know more about the #FSGirls, read on here.

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Being part of the FSGirls has its perks, like getting invited to the first ever #FSGirls party! It was a Christmas party with a rustic Christmas as a theme, and I decided to turn up in the Rosette Cut Out Shoulder Dress. This time I styled it with my hair up in a bun, wearing a gold leaves headband and chained bracelets in white from etc. For my shoes, I wore peep toe nude pumps. 

I didn’t manage to get a picture of my whole outfit because I was there with my sister who doesn’t know how to use my camera. T.T It’s really sad I can/will take pictures of her, and I don’t have anyone to help me take pictures. Even the picture she took above is slightly blur. Meh. Okay, I’m done ranting.

I had intended to shoot at the party, but I was so distracted with so many things I didn't really get to shoot much. So, here’s a couple of snapshots from the party. The party was a very personal one, with food & drinks and of course, there is shopping too! FABSPY brought some of the new arrivals (two racks, I wished they brought more and more!) and we got to try the clothes. Usually you can’t try because obviously, with FABSPY being an online shop after all. 

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Talika Body Shaping Challenge: Wrap Up & Giveaway Results!

I think I first started blogging about the Talika Body Shaping Challenge, way back in July and that was when I was approached by the awesome ladies from Talika to be a part of this challenge. And looking back, it’s been an amazing journey, being able to try these products and then giving you the first hand honest review about these products. I rarely believe in products which promised a lot, I’m pretty much sceptical like that. But I was indeed amazed by what the Talika products have been able to do for my body. You read about them here; http://www.carmenhong.com/search/label/Talika.

Of all the products I tried, I really loved the Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D. What is there not to love about the products especially for a petite sized girl like me? I have not been so lucky to be blessed with *ahem*, and with these products I am so much more confident with my body compared to previously. Seriously, just read my posts on them and you’ll know why these two are my favourite products.

Out & About: The 100 Plus Interactive Vending Machine

Hello! If you follow me on Twitter, you must have read my tweets about the 100 Plus Interactive Vending Machine. It’s the first ever interactive machine in Malaysia, and I’ve been pretty excited to try and play on it. By the time I knew about it, I missed the first few couple ones in Kuala Lumpur area and all was left are those in the other states. :( But on the last minute, I was informed that they will be in The Otomotif College (TOC) on Dec 9. That’s when I thought, whoa, I’m so going to make a trip down there on Dec 9. If not, I’ll have to wait till Dec 21 to head over to Sunway Pyramid to try it.

So, I woke up early on December 9 and made my way all the way to TOC. After a long drive there, I arrived to a quiet college. There was alarm bells ringing all over my head then, what if they are not here? That had been a mistake made? I asked the staff there, only to be told that the 100 Plus crew have came a few days earlier. :( You have no idea how devastated I was, especially since I was on leave on that day also. UGH.

Eat: Christmas Cupcakes by Rolling Pin

Christmas was a day ago, and I didn’t post up any Christmas wishes here but I’ve got something even better to share! These Christmas cupcakes will make you go, awwww. SYCookies from Foodeverywhere have been so nice to send over some Christmas cupcakes, made by Rolling Pin

The cupcakes were self delivered by the baker herself, Jolene in a nice white box with a clear window, in which you can see the gorgeous designs of the cupcakes. Personally, packaging of cupcakes are really important for me, because I like to see them in presentable boxes. I’m sure you’ll agreed that it’s more appealing that way.

Review: Shopping with MrLens.com.my

If I were to do a quick and simple survey just to see how many girls out there wear contact lens, chances are most of the girls would have worn contact lenses and are still wearing them. What if I told you there is a online website (if you have not already heard about it) where you can shop for your contact lenses, without ever having to step outside? Personally, that sounds like awesome to me because I have a regular optician I head to to get my contact lenses. Even though, it’s only about 15 mins away from my place, I would end up spending close to 45 mins every time. Well, you see that place is always congested and finding parking is a hassle.

Little did I know that there is a website, http://www.mrlens.com.my which sells just the widest range of contact lenses online, and then delivers it to your doorstep! Best thing is that there is free delivery for KL area (click here for places within the free delivery option). Otherwise, you’ll only have to pay between RM 6 – RM 13 for delivery which is a fair price to pay. (Yeah, trust me because I run the online blogshop; etc. and we have to deliver to various places too.)

Review: Ninetology’s U9 Z1 & Samsung Galaxy Mega

Life is so random, sometimes. And I always believed in serendipity.
Just when I thought it could not get any more random, I stumbled upon a Tech Kajiu program where you get to review two phones with one of the phone from Ninetology, a Malaysian brand. I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of the brand before, or you have but wasn’t aware it was a Malaysian company. Malaysian Boleh, ftw. So for the fun of it, I applied to join the program because I saw the Ninetology phones before and I had really wanted to try if the phone are just as good as my Samsung Note 1. I had the Note 1 for a year or so already, and I loved it but I do realise the phone’s lagging lately. So, I’ve been looking around for a new phone and that is when I stumbled upon Ninetology’s range of phone.

So, what a lucky chance it was for me to get picked for the review (even though, I don’t write about technology stuff because I’m just horrible when it comes to techy stuff). Since I have already disclaimed myself there, you can expect this post to anything but techy. I will not be posting about the specifications of either the phones unless it is relevant. I have been asked to do the review according to how my lifestyle and my phone’s usage is, I’ll be reviewing it from that angle. 

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Talika Body Shaping Challenge: Zero Stretch Marks, Stage 2

For the past one or two months or so, I have been blogging about the Talika Body Shaping Challenge (you can read all the previous post on the challenge here; http://www.carmenhong.com/search/label/Talika). Do read those posts to know what the challenge was about. For the second stage, there was two products I was given to use and write about it after that. The first product of the Stage 2 was the Shaping Serum and the second product was Zero Stretch Marks. I wrote my review on the Shaping Serum, where I was amazed by the huge difference that I had not expected on my petite body.

And now, I’ll be talking about the Zero Stretch Marks, from my mom’s perspective because I had given it to her to test it out because I don’t have any stretch marks yet (lucky me, I know :3). Like the previous products, this product was tested for a period of 28 days and more. I gave her a brief explanation on how to apply the product and when she was to apply it. Before she started using the product, I decided it was best to have some pictures taken before and then, after she used the product.  

I will be showing you gals the picture, but I will warn you first that it isn’t glamorous. To be honest, there is nothing glamorous about stretch marks which is why there are tonnes of product out there to help combat these unsightly marks. This is where my sceptical self kicks in place, “the products might not always work as promised”.  Show me results, and I’ll believe what the product can do.

Not that I am bias with Talika products throughout the challenge, but hey, I have seen the results and you have seen the pictures that I posted of the results from using those products. :) So, I pretty much have faith that the Zero Stretch Marks will deliver. (Again, this depends and will vary from one person to another. What I posted here on my blog is my personal experience.)

Before I go on to the results that my mom have experienced, let me tell you what her impression on the product are. Similar to the Talika products I have tried, she said that it was very absorbent and it was easy to apply. It didn’t leave any residue or a sticky feeling after applying. She liked how light weight it felt. As for the smell, she mentioned that there wasn’t any strong or particular smell from the product, so it didn’t smell much. Haha. I have personally always loved the natural smell from Talika products. 

Out & About: KARE Design Official Launch in Gardens Mall

Up till today, I will always remember how my parents used to make me follow them to shop for decorations and furniture for the house. I also remember loathing those trips because it is always so boring. I would end plopping myself on one of the sofas and just wait till I turn into a stone. Now, if only, they had more shops like KARE Design back then, I would actually love visiting those shops.

So, what is so special about KARE Design that sets it apart from the boring shops? Well, for a start, you can expect the unexpected from KARE. They have an awesome mix of furniture, lighting, furnishing accessories and gift items with different themes for the purist, traditional, glamorous or even retro lovers.
KARE Design hails from Munich, Germany and in their first ever shop in Gardens Mall, they have approximately 1,300 items on display which will leave you spoilt for choices. What I love the most from them was the shop is divided into obvious theme, and one step into these sections will make you feel like you have stepped into another place all together.

The founder, Peter Schönhofen mentioned KARE Design goes beyond the conventional designs and traditional ideas of furniture. (This, I couldn’t agree more) He adds that they are bold, creative and essentially shameless in our ideas. (This, you will see why in the pictures I took at the opening launch) If anything I can deduce from them, is that things are done very differently, in a way I never seen before. Basically, let’s think out of the box here. No, let’s think out of outer space. :)

I think I have rambled enough, let’s move on to what went down at the official launch, and what I saw too. 

 * * * * * * * * * *

VIPs for the night. :) The founder, Peter Schönhofen is at the extreme right.

Eat: Kembali Kitchen’s Christmas Menu, Best Western Premier Dua Sentral

Christmas! is less than two weeks away, I cannot imagine anybody who is not excited by that. There’s so much fun in celebrating Christmas and it only gets better when you celebrate festivity like this with food, more glorious food! I was invited to the sample the Christmas Menu at Kembali Kitchen, in the Best Western Premier Hotel. The Christmas menu is a buffet style, so I’ll be posting pictures of the buffet dishes and a brief review on the overall experience.

* * * * * * * * * * 

So let's begin!

Eat: De’ Armour Cafe, Kota Damansara

When I received the invitation to review the De’ Armour Cafe, I had no idea it was located near Sunway Giza or that it was in the heart of foodie haven. It is only when I arrived at the area, to realize that every passing shops was either a restaurant, a cafe or a food chain franchise. But like all foodie concentrated areas, parking can be quite a nightmare. At some point, it was jammed to get into the roads and then it was a hassle to try to get a parking. Lucky for me, because I only had to circle one big round before getting a slot.

Okay, putting those comments aside, let us focus on what is also important and it’s none other than the food itself. This restaurant is little more special than the rest, because the chef (Miss Jennifer Yap) is actually a lady and she was the Miss Tourism Pahang 2011. How about having a beauty pageant winner cook for you? I have to honestly say that I am impressed by that idea itself. 

* * * * * * * * * *

Smoked Duck Breast Salad | RM15

We kicked things off with the Smoked Duck Breast Salad, and this would be my first time tasting smoked duck. One bite in, and I’m hooked. This is almost like tasting bacon for the first time except this was definitely healthier. I love this, it’s almost no frills salad. But the smoked duck made it all so awesome. I did find the vinaigrette tad too sourish, otherwise this was perfection.

Eat: Ben’s, Bangsar Shopping Centre

The last time I went to Ben’s could have been more than a year ago, I don’t remember exactly when but it definitely has been a year or so since my last visit. But I can remember exactly what I had during my last visit, it was their Golden Soft-Shell Crab Spaghetti. Other than that, I have only tasted their Chunky Chicken Mushroom Pie which I found the dough too thick.

This time around, I’m back at Ben’s with the Nuffnang Tastebuddies’s bloggers which coincidentally was all ladies! It was a very casual session where we all ordered one mains of our choice, one salad and a few desserts for sharing. So, you’ll see pictures of all the food we ordered that day but I won’t be able to comment on all except on what I had. So, shall we begin?

* * * * * * * * * *

Out & About: Talika Beauty Secrets Workshop + (psst.. giveaway)

UPDATE: Winner have been announced! Congratulations, Arpita!

But the awesome peeps at Talika and Vanity Trove have decided to extend an invitation to readers who would like to attend the workshop for free! You'll get door gifts. :) Just drop me an email by today, to RSVP.


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Hello, girls! It’s been some time since I last posted about Talika, approximately one month ago. My last post was on the update of the Talika Body Shaping Challenge, where I talked about how the Shaping Serum have worked for me, especially when I had least expected it to. (Do click on the link if you haven’t read it yet)

Eat: Asmara Penchala, Kampung Sungai Penchala

Have you ever been to a place and you feel like you’ve entered another realm? I know that is how I would usually feel when I’m travelling. More often than not, that would always be how I feel the moment I land and step outside the airplane, that is possibly why we all love travelling so much. Sometimes, I get that feel too when I’m watching a really good movie. Surprise me, but I got the same feeling when I stepped into Asmara Penchala.

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Out & About: 100 Plus’s Win The Day

In this new era of social media world that we live in, I’m sure you would have seen a video of an vending machine which dispenses canned drinks for free when you do something. And that something is definitely not inserting coins or feeding the machine with money. Cash is the last thing the machine wants. I recalled the last few videos I watched required a kiss, hugs or something unpredictable to get a can from the machines. I always wished we could have one of those machines here in Malaysia, I mean, “That’s so cool! Why don’t we have cool stuff like that here??”

But guess what, my wished came true! There is an interactive vending machine in Malaysia and it could be hitting the towns nearby your area. The interactive vending machine is brought to you by none other than our favourite isotonic drink, 100 Plus in their latest campaign, “Win the Day”. The campaign is to commemorate their 30-year legacy in Malaysia. (Woah, that’s quite a long time! 100 Plus is older than me. :p )