Shout-Out : XIXILI Stand Up For Pink Campaign 2016

Eat : Charlie’s Cafe, Taman Desa

I’ve first heard of Charlie's Cafe when it was featured that the cafe serve the best chicken chop in Kuala Lumpur. To be voted the best, I was certain that the chicken chop must have been nothing short of amazing. So, I’ve placed this cafe on my must-visit cafes. Then, from a friend I heard that they are also serves durian soft-serve ice cream, so smooth and delicious too! By then, I knew I had to come and try them myself.  Read on more below to find out how my visit to Charlie's Cafe in Taman Desa, was!

Eat : The Eating Guide at TasteMIGF, Berjaya Times Square

A couple of days back, I posted a shout-out on the return of TasteMIGF - the spectacular preview event of the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival (MIGF), which is happening today; 24 September 2016 and tomorrow, 25 September 2016. At this event, you get to try bite-sized portions from participating restaurants from their specially crafted Festival Menus, in conjunction with the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival.

Out & About : Petsmore Crazy Sales Roadshow & “The Secret Life of Pets” Collaboration

Have you seen the trailer about the movie on pets called "The Secret Life of Pets"? Ever since I watched that trailer, that movie have been on my Movies to Watch list. I'll be catching that movie soon and I'll tell you how it went. It has such a cute storyline on the things our pets may do when we are not around. I've never had a pet before but I know it'll be entertaining. If you have a pet of your own, all the more reason to watch it.

What's even better is that Petsmore Malaysia is running a promotion in conjunction with the release of the movie. You can now get discounts on the merchandise from the movies, such as frisbee, bottles and few others. So hurry on over to the nearest Petsmore outlets! In addition to that, Petsmore is running their 4 days roadshow promotion at their shop outlets, where they have crazy deals for the products they have. There's so many deals, so I'll just summarize it for you below!

Out & About : Grand Launch of Global Milbon’s 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line

If you recall, I blogged about my experience as one of the first few lucky ones to try out the Global Milbon's new Smooth Hair Treatment. This treatment was a different than those hair treatments I have done previously. I love how I could see the results of the treatment on my hair immediately after it. Additionally, the treatment can be customised to suit the various different hair types. From my experience, there are not a lot of hair treatments which is suited for curly, frizzy hair type like mine.

So, I was very impressed and amazed with the Global Milbon's new Smooth Hair Treatment, but when I first tried it, it wasn’t launched yet. Only after the launch, would the treatment be available at salons. If you haven’t read my post on the hair treatment yet, do click on the link to read it. Read it here >>

Fast forward to a couple of weeks back, Global Milbon have launched their 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line which consists of both the treatment and also, the home care products. The launch was a very exclusive event held at Grand Hyatt Hotel, whereby attendees were presented with the full range of the Global Milbon Beautiful Hair Signature Line. The line includes three different range which is Smooth, Moisture and Repair. Let me briefly summarize what each range consists of.


This range is suitable for ladies who are concerned over the texture of their hair, as it instantly detangles and improves the feel of the hair which gives the hair a soft, silky-smooth texture. The range include Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Treatment and Luminous Bodifying Oil. For both the Smoothing Treatment and Luminous Bodifying Oil, they are available in individual formulas which are specifically designed for fine, medium and coarse hair. This range have a fresh, floral scent for the products.


This range is suitable for ladies who have dull, dry and porous hair, as it reverses the damage caused by repeated colour service by infusing moisture and ensuring longer lasting, vibrant colour. The range include Replenishing Shampoo, Replenishing Treatment and Weightless Replenishing Mist. This range have a fruity, aqueous scent for the products.


This range is suitable for ladies who have severely damaged and over-processed hair, as it restores hair to look, feel and behave as if it had never been damaged in the first place, while enhancing the hair appearance during styling sessions. The range include Leave in Treatment (Milk) and Restorative Blowout Primer, where they have a warm, sweet scent. The Restorative Blowout Primer has two type, one for fine hair which boosts elasticity and coarse hair which enhances softness.

That is pretty much a low down of Global Milbon 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line. If you are intrigued and would like to know further, you can actually head to the salons below to purchase the products as well, to try the new deep-conditioning treatment along with the in-salon consultation.

  • A Cut Above, Kuala Lumpur
  • The Color Shop, Petaling Jaya
  • Color Bar, Johor Bahru
  • Empoir Hair Lover, Johor Bahru
  • A Creative, Seremban
  • Unique Expired, Johor Bahru
  • Momtz Hair, Melaka

Do drop by these salons to try the products and treatment by Global Milbon 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line! I’ll be happy to hear about your experiences, so let me know how it went! On that night, I was also invited to share about my experience since Global Milbon's new Smooth Hair Treatment already. I haven't spoken publicly since my college days, and I was only informed of it hours before the event. Luckily, it went well for me. Here's a picture of me during the sharing session below. 

And here are the rest of the pictures from the Grand Launch of Global Milbon’s 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line,  some of the pictures are taken by the official photographer (those without my watermark). Those with my water mark are taken by yours truly. 

I loved how cosy the event was, and it was such a personal feel to it too. For this event, there was black and white theme, so I decided to wear a long white lace dress. This have been in my wardrobe for the longest time, I'm glad I finally have an occasion to wear it to. 

If you noticed, my hair have been styled differently from my usual curly hair do.. which was actually done by Emily from Number76's Midvalley branch. All my life, I didn't think my hair was capable of this styling. Please get your hair done there by her, she's super talented! Her style is more of the edgy, rock type too. <3 

Congratulations once again, Milbon for the launch of Global Milbon’s 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line. Thank you for inviting me over and for the collaboration! 

Till next time,

Review : Shopping online for authentic branded goods with massive discounts!

If you ask me, online shopping have always been my preferred method of shopping because of the convenience that comes along with it. Just a few clicks and you're done! Just like that, you have purchased your goodies which will be shipped directly to your house. The best part is not needing to walk out of the house especially since there is a so much hassle of finding parking in malls and not to mention the jammed roads. You can also pay via credit card or online banking as well, so you don’t have to worry about not bringing enough cash too!

Now, these are the plus points of online shopping but it also comes with its cons. One of the issues I have with shopping online would be the authenticity of the products I was purchasing. This is especially true when I purchase any BRANDED items. There are times that the prices for these BRANDED items are so cheap that it is almost unbelievable.

“Too cheap, it must be fake imitation goods.”

Yes, that would be the first thing to come to mind. But what if I told you that there is actually a legitimate online shopping site which sells AUTHENTIC BRANDED items at a huge discounts? Which website, you might ask. It’s none other than one of the fastest growing shopping website, If you have doubts over the prices, rest assured that the prices are so much cheaper than retail because Lazada deals directly with each of these brand principals. Hence, they are able to obtain these AUTHENTIC products at a discounted prices and these are reflected back on their selling prices on Lazada.

“Only real, authentic products are sold on by the respective brands.” 

To shop by the brands, you can easily navigate by clicking on “SHOP BRANDS” on the That way, you know that you’re purchasing directly from the brands itself.

To be honest, I just found out recently that carries so many brands now. This makes my shopping adventures so much easier! I was recently looking for some sneakers for training since I decided to start my fitness regime once again.

Thanks to Lazada and New Balance, I now have new training shoes from New Balance. This shoe can be purchased from the New Balance online store in Lazada, the link to the store is here >> . You can find a huge variety of other New Balance’s shoes there which are massively discounted. My shoes originally cost RM 299, but after discounts it was only RM 199! Such a steal, indeed!

Lazada’s Fashion Big Brand Sale from 5 September to 11 September!

If you’re looking to shop and maximise your hard earned money now, you’re in luck because Lazada is having their Fashion Big Brand Sale now till September 11. You have just a few days left to shop actually! I was just browsing their Fashion Big Brand Sale and I already have my eye on a few things like this Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Lady Rose Gold watch. There is a 60% discount now! So so tempted. :x

So, what are you waiting for? Like I said earlier, the promotion ends on 11 September and that is this Sunday! You really don’t have much time to shop. Just live by the motto of “You’ll only regret the things you didn’t do.” ….. if you missed the chance to get that product you always wanted, which is on discount…. you may never get it again at that price. Haha! Trust me, I know it’s true.

Till next time,