Swatch: Nature’s Republic YL503

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! I hope you’re enjoying your last week of 2011; I’m not sure if I can say the same for myself. Somehow, these days, I feel like I lost interest in mostly everything, except reading of course. I’ve been reading, finishing at least one book a day. Now, I wished I hauled more books from the Big Bad Wolf Sale. So anyway, I have one more nail polish to swatch and I decided to do it today, seeing how I ran out of creative juices for nail art ideas.


Review: This polish from Nature Republic is a gold coloured one, and the thing about metallic colours, is that the streaks are pretty much obvious. The same goes for this polish, it was streaky and even the top coat didn’t manage to smoothen it out. So, you can say that I’m not all for this polish (as compared to the last two red polishes). But it is easy to apply; the formula wasn’t too thick. I have two coats of it, and you can put on an extra coat if you like a better coverage.




These days, even taking pictures of my nails is becoming a drag for me. I wondered where have my inspiration went to. I have to admit, I am going through a rather tough phase of my life. But in time, I’m sure my inspiration will be back. I hope you’ll find the pictures in today’s post okay. If you thought otherwise, do drop me a comment. I know I’ll really appreciate the feedback.

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